Danell Brows Basic Microblading Workshop

Basic Microblading workshop

Danell Brows Basic Microblading Workshop

Danell Brows Basic Microblading Workshop, Below you will have the details of the basic Microblading Workshop.

Dates: 21, 22, 23 October or personalized

Schedule: 10am – 5pm

Includes: Basic Microblading kit

Payment Options: Web Page, PayPal, Transfers, Our facilities

Cost: $1,800

Via-Web (Online) without kit $1,500


You will be able to bring 4 models, and work with your own kit, also we will provide you 20 minutes coffee break (Lunch) with food and water. We will provide you a note book and pen to take notes during the classes.  Please book in advance, there will only be 10 seats available, Thank you very much, any doubt call us at (786)953-8012 or write us to the email info@danellbrows.com



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