The micropigmentation of eyebrows, lips, eyes, and the capillary is an aesthetic specialty whose objective is to beautify, rejuvenate, balance and harmonize the lines of expression of the face or areas that require it, obtaining an elegant result, natural and fresh. It consists of introducing a pigment in the epidermis, the most superficial layer of the skin. The advantage of this method is that it is not aggressive like other methods that work in the deep dermis.

What are the benefits?

Micropigmentation helps to beautify, balance and correct facial features, especially eyebrows, lips or eyelids. It is also used to correct damage caused by very aggressive medical treatments, such as chemotherapy. Thus, micropigmentation contributes to camouflage baldness, alopecia, scars burns, and blemishes, renewing the beauty, freshness, and naturalness of the face.

Duration and Results

The micropigmentation will make you look much more beautiful and radiant, having carefully made eyebrows hair to hair. The duration varies between one and two years, although it all depends on the type of skin of each person. Once this period has elapsed, the same process should be repeated if the desired is to show the result permanently.

Why with us?

The Danell Brows team has certifications from the most prestigious academies of micropigmentation worldwide, using the techniques of PhiBrows ® and other prestigious academies of PMU. We will give you the best service you can find in all of Miami, the highest quality products and all the necessary techniques adapted to your desires and needs.

Types of treatments


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